How we work

Striving for progress through clear and positive communication

The idea


In a world where technology progresses fast, we sometimes forget the power of offline communication. Even in the time of the Covid-19 virus where online communication is more important than ever to use offline communication tools in an online environment. Employees often miss the tools and training to optimize their communication. These life skills are essential against work pressure and make our work life more enjoyable. Communication is the key to ensure smooth and profitable work process.

Our training programs fit well within companies who work with Agile or Lean Six Sigma.  The program ensure change and help improve the culture of your business. The training brings people together!

Moving onward

Online Training

In these times it is crucial to keep on progressing and to support your employees in transitioning to the online working environment. There for we have created a special program to help employers and employees adapt to online working and to keep the communication positive and clear. 

The online program provides tools and help in using offline communication in an online environment. It helps with stress reduction, positive communication and provides a set of creative ways to keep everyone active during meetings.

Currently our online program has two key components

  1. Active online communication 

Due to the digital way of communicating employees have the tendency to become spectators instead of active participants. In this program you will learn how to transform your video call into an active and productive meeting.

  1. Efficient and flexible meeting tools 

Learn how to optimalize your online communication during meetings and conference calls with groups. We will teach you how to use different forms and techniques to keep your meeting energetic and effective.

Let’s help each other being successful and creating a positive vibe in these difficult times.

Moving forward


In our powerful programs the participants do not only gain new knowledge, they get to practice new skills. With this we ensure growth and renewed energy. The personal touch and the capability to improvise from the trainer ensures an optimal learning curve for each and every participant.

At Theater in Maatpak we focus on non-verbal communication and effective communication. We help companies with;

  • Creating a common language
  • Developing an high trust organisation
  • Understanding within teams and beyond

Our program brings new knowledges of non-verbal communication, activates a problem solving mindset and creates an safe work environment. The result;

  • Talent based development
  • Effective team
  • Hands on attitude towards challenges
  • Clear communication
  • Proactive attitude
  • Flexible towards change

What to expect from us?

  • Personal; a costume made training for your company
  • Positive; A positive approach is the key to succes
  • Honest; sincere and constructive feedback
  • Effective:  result-oriented practical tools
  • Flexible: A trainer that knows how to adapt to each situation
  • High trust: the guarantee that I will only help you if I feel I can make a difference

In company

An in company training to enable constructive change for your company.  To ensure effective change in your company we work with well put together training programs. These programs enable a team to make a difference within just three months. Our programs consist of the following structure:

  1. In company training days
  2. team and individual assignments
  3. advise for the team lead or responsible person on sight.

In this way we provide an intensive program that allows new behavior to grow and become part of the new work style. After our training program your team will be more effective and positive.

Personal coaching

To grow together we sometimes need to grow alone. This program has two different options;

  1. A collective training where a group of participants from different backgrounds and companies learn together
  2. A personal coaching program where you work as an individual to reach your goals.

Our personal coaching program is tailored to the needs of the participant and will therefore vary in length and content.


Rozemarijn Geelen

It is my personal goal and passion to help employees to feel comfortable and secure in their work environment by giving them the tools to communicate successfully in a team and create a positive work environment

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